General Industry Gets It Together with Jemms

Over 100 years ago, the assembly line changed manufacturing, and has been evolving ever since. The nutrunner is a key evolution in manufacturing and Jemms is a driving force in the design and development of nutrunner attachments. Whatever you build, Jemms can help you build it better and faster, solving most any assembly challenge.

Common Applications

  • Gas Lines
  • Hinge Screws
  • Cable Strain Reliefs
  • Conduit Nuts
  • Water Heater Fittings
  • Heat Exchangers

Solutions Provided

  • Restricted Access Fastening
  • Torque Multiplication
  • Custom Socket Geometry
  • Long Nut Rundown (Stud Length is Multiple Feet)
  • Virtual Torque and Envelope Constraint Analysis

Accessories Utilized

  • Closed End Attachments
  • Angle Heads
  • Open End Attachments
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