Company Timeline

February 1,1988: JEMMS-Cascade is founded.

Don Galat and wife Susan founded JEMMS-Cascade with a vision: To design and build superior tools for the manufacturing and assembly industry.

1990: Durability testing to 250,000 cycles.

In late 1990, the JEMMS Attachments were put to the test at Lawrence Tech and by major power tool manufacturers. The result was the JEMMS-Cascade benchmark warranty of 250,000 cycles, which secured JEMMS place as a leader in the industry.

1991: Full Catalog Release

By 1991, JEMMS achieved a strong presence in the US market through investment in both print advertisement and international trade shows.

1994: The 250lb Torque Solution!

When a large truck manufacturer came to JEMMS with the need for a High-Torque tool, Don and his team responded with what is now a complete line of High-Torque Attachments.

1995: JEMMS Goes High-Tech.

The investment in 3D software enables JEMMS engineers to visualize and simulate new solutions and the ability to release geometry to the manufacturing team more efficiently.

1996: JEMMS is awarded US Patent.

The first of several US patents, the Tub-Nut Attachment patent” established JEMMS-Cascade as a technical innovator in the Nutrunner and Attachment industry.

1998: Aerospace Line Takes Off.

Developed in 1996, the Aerospace tool line is embraced by the aviation manufacturing industry, providing superior capability and smaller footprints than JEMMS competitors.

2000: A New Facility, A New Millennium.

The next step for Don and Susan, a new and larger facility to support the increase in production. In 2006 an addition was added to allow for future expansion.

2002: JEMMS Increases CNC Capacity

Since 2002, JEMMS has consistently increased its capacity, adding numerous CNC stations and other state-of-the-art equipment.

2012: The Tradition of Excellence Continues

In 2012, after 24 years of dedication to JEMMS-Cascade, Don Galat retires, passing the torch to son Mike who will continue to operate JEMMS with his father’s standard of Innovation, Integrity and Excellence!

2013-2014: Moved - new location


238 Executive Drive, Troy, MI 48083 - Phone: 248-526-8100